We Get the Message: Telephone Answering Service

When you’re running your business, you can’t wear every hat. You can’t be there to answer your phones while keeping your business afloat. Businesses have budgets, and yours is no exception. Therefore, what can you do to keep your customers and your wallet happy? Luckily, our telephone answering service is here to save the day.


We’re There When You Can’t Be

Adults are said to be able to function on six hours of sleep. So without a secretary or an on-call member, you’re looking at missing at least six hours of phone calls. If hiring someone to your team to mind the phones is going to break the bank, that’s where ProComm comes into the picture. We have multiple locations staffed with the most professional employees. We frequently hear from our clients that their customers didn’t even know they used an outside telephone answering service.


Our Procedure

When you receive an after-hours call, it will be forwarded to our facilities. There, a trained specialist will answer your call. Your company’s information will then be brought up on their screen. This information can be as in-depth as you decide. Our specialist can then respond to your customer via a script or from the information that is brought up on their screen. This way, our staff is always very informed and can act like they’re as knowledgeable as someone that is part of your business. Our staff member will then forward your call to the appropriate on-call person. Your company will provide this schedule. You can change this on-call schedule at any time for no charge. We can update it within the business day. Your customers will never know that you use an outside company!


We’ve Thought of Everything

There is no perfect climate. Each area has different storms that could put the electric out. Inclement weather is never a problem because we have generators and power supplies that can keep our business running. This way, your business will never miss a phone call. If you didn’t use our telephone answering service, you could lose out on business because of power outages. Don’t let that be the case. Get that lead and increase your profits!


Let’s Do Some Math

If you were to hire someone to keep track of and answer your phones, you’re looking at paying someone at least $20,000 or more a year. Our telephone answering service pricing plans start out at just $39.00 a month, a cost of $468 annually! Even our premium package is only $1,199 a year! That’s still over $18,000 in savings! Save your business’ money for what matters and make sure you never miss a call or a sale because you can’t be there to answer the phone.


Now you know the advantages of investing in ProComm’s telephone answering service. Your business will never miss a call due to conservative spending or inclement weather. This way, you can grow your business for only a small price a month!

Emergency! Emergency! Dispatch Answering Service

Emergency Dispatch Answering Service Call Center


So you and your business need to be reachable 24/7. However, you can’t increase the people on your staff in order to have someone watching the phones at every point of the day. What can you do? ProComm is here to help. We can provide dispatch answering services for your business around the clock without increasing your payroll. We provide affordable dispatch answering services for you around the clock.


When there’s an emergency and your business needs to get there fast, we can help you with call center messages and dispatching services. When there’s an emergency, we understand you need to act fast. There are lives at stake when it comes to medical emergencies.


What Can the ProComm Call Center Help With?

  • Elevator Emergency Monitoring
  • Medical Monitoring Systems
  • “Red Phone” Monitoring
  • Personal Emergency Reporting Systems
  • Data Center Climate Monitoring
  • Roadside Assistance Call Stations
  • Climate Systems
  • Remote Worker Check-In
  • Flood Sensors
  • Panic Buttons


When your business gets a call and we answer it, our phone operators have your business information displayed on their computer screen. They can answer questions, send a dispatcher and maintain the professionalism you desire. We can script everything so that no one even knows that you use an outside answering service. Our biggest concern is making your business sound professional so our call center operators will have a comprehensive list of answers and scripts to follow for whatever questions are thrown their way.


Since everything is scripted for each specific phone call, we will have the criteria necessary to determine if someone needs to be dispatched to the caller or if the call should be held for the next day. However, when you run a business that deals in emergencies, we know that acting quickly is important. We can help your business respond in a timely manner.


We also keep a copy of your on-call schedule on file so that we can dispatch the correct person. If your on-call schedule changes at any point, all you have to do is give us a quick call and we’ll update it for you on the spot.


We know you need to keep your business profitable to stay afloat so using our dispatch answering services is more affordable than hiring another person on to keep track of the phones.


Benefits of Dispatch Answering Services:

  • Keep Your Payroll Low
  • Precise Call Scripting
  • Respond To Emergencies Quickly
  • Rapid On-Call Schedule Updating


With ProComm’s Dispatch Answering Services, we help you get the message. Whether someone has fallen and can’t get up or there’s been a car accident, we’ll make sure that your business can keep up with 24/7 phone calls. Don’t let your business fall behind. With our amazing call center pricing, you can use technology to your advantage and help keep overhead low! Even with our premium package that’s $99.95 a month, you’re saving thousands of dollars by not having to hire a 24/7 phone operator.

Ring Ring Ring: 24 Hour Answering Service

24 Hour Answering Service

24 hour answering service 24 hour call center

Whether you work in funeral services, healthcare or pest control services, you need to have access to a phone 24/7. However, you have to sleep at some point. So what do you do? Hire on-call staffing with ProComm! Cut down on your costs with our 24-hour answering service.

You have voicemail

Ring ring ring! When your business needs after hours answering service but you aren’t ready to bring on more staff to answer your phones, ProComm has the solution for you. For you to get messages, efficiently and effectively, ProComm can answer your calls and forward the information to you.

ProComm can help you handle your business by scripting the way we answer each phone call you receive. The message will be forwarded to your voicemail box with the exact information that you desire such as name, location and phone number. Every call is recorded and we guarantee your satisfaction with the way your clients will be handled.

We are professional…

Our clients tell us all the time that they couldn’t tell we were an outside answering service. Our staff will see all your information on their computer screen when your business receives a call. They can answer many questions that your caller may have. We can even work with you to create a script so that nothing will be left out!

Let us send reminders…

If your on-call personnel don’t respond, our automated system sends us a reminder to resend your message. Our entire system is streamlined to receive, process and deliver your messages. Make sure that you never lose track of a message again with ProComm’s 24-hour answering service.

Voicemail not your thing…?

Not only can we reach you by voicemail, but we can also customize how you receive your messages. If you prefer text, fax, page or email, we have got you covered. Everyone has his or her technology preferences, and ProComm is happy to make sure that you are reached in the manner that you prefer. If a text is easier for you, then we are pleased to send you your information in a text.

We’ll keep you informed…

We can send reports via fax or email. Whenever you want, we can send you a print out with all of your undelivered messages as well as your delivered messages if you desire.

If you cannot be reached after hours but still need to take phone calls, ProComm’s 24-hour answering service is the program for you! Check out the pricing for our 24-hour answering service or get an answering service quote for our services. Our 24-hour answering service will help keep your business costs low and your profit margins high while maintaining the professionalism of your company.


ProComm is here to make sure you get the message!

Don’t Worry, We’ll Answer for You: Pest Control Answering Service

Summer is in full bloom, which means your pest control business is booming as more pests emerge with the warm weather. Let’s face it: Your phone is not going to stop ringing anytime soon. When summer turns to fall, the warm weather pests will move indoors. As fall ends and winter begins, rats, mice and other chilling pests will become unwanted tenants in homes across the United States. When it seems like one pest is under control, another emerges somewhere else, and the phone starts ringing again.

Take your time with pest control while we take your calls

At ProComm, we have a simple solution for handling the multitude of calls your business will be receiving in an effective, cost-cutting way. Our pest control answering service can take the weight of an increasing need for customer service off of your shoulders, and allow you to devote your time to providing the best pest control treatments to the people you serve.

Spend less, get more

The pest control answering service from ProComm provides high-quality customer service for a low cost. Sometimes expanding your staff to accommodate an increasing number of phone calls is not the best option for your pest control company. When this is the case, an answering service like ProComm can be the solution.

We’ve got what you need

ProComm can provide customer service to your clients around the clock. Any time you need your phone calls to be answered by a live operator, ProComm can help. The pest control answering service also allows you to use a customizable voicemail system or greeting message.

We don’t mean to be know-it-alls, but..

Our call center operators are prepared to answer questions about your business and pest control services with the help of on-screen information. They have contact and location information, as well as any reference information at their fingertips so they can help your customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our pest control answering service also utilizes an in-depth message reminder system to assure that all information that needs to be passed from customer to company is quickly relayed.

Reporting for duty

We can even email or fax a report of recent messages from your customers to you. At any point, we can send a report of messages that have been delivered, have not been delivered, or both.

Pencil us in

If you give us your on-call schedule, we are happy to maintain it for you. We load it into our system for easy appointment scheduling. The best part: any changes can be made with a simple phone call at any time. We’re open 24/7!

The pest control answering service at ProComm can be a cost-effective asset for your pest control business. Contact us for more information about the call center services we can offer your business during the busiest times of year!

“I Want a Person, Not a Robot!” – Live Answering Service

When you need support for your products, you don’t want to talk to a machine. When you need your message delivered, you can’t trust a robot to get it delivered. ProComm is the premiere source for your after-hour calls, overflow periods, weekend support, and paging needs – with real people picking up the phone for it all. No matter the service or client, you can expect our highly trained staff to handle all of your calls with poise.

At the center of everything ProComm offers is our talented team of call operators. From answering customer questions to handling a possible crisis situation, our call operators are trained to be ready to handle any situation with poise and tact. With call centers in each time zone around the country, we offer convenience for you and your callers. Our service doesn’t stop there – we are fully equipped to handle clients from outside the United States as well!

Our goal is to answer each call exactly as your business would. We learn your business and treat every caller with respect and dignity. No matter what time the call comes in, rest assured that each call is receiving the same level of quality care. Our call centers are open 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Our dedicated team is here to meet your every need.

Quality is what we strive for in everything we do, because our quality affects your business as well. That’s why no matter where the call comes in from, and at what time, we have live people ready to take the call. It is the personal touch everyone wants and deserves, and it is what you get with us every time.

ProComm guarantees service to all of our clients. We are always here to take your calls. Always. Our office never closes, and our operators are always available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Weekends, holidays, during inclement weather – we’re always there for you! Our call centers utilize back-up drives and emergency generators to ensure that your data is always safe, and the phones can always ring. Rest assured that your customers will always hear a voice at the end of the line.

Customer service is all about treating the client with respect and dignity. Technology has advanced business in numerous ways, but nothing beats a real person for customer service needs. That’s why we do what we do. We ensure that everyone who chooses us for their call needs gets quality care for all of their needs. Because customer support begins with us, and extends through you – that is the ProComm guarantee. You will always get a real person on the phone with us.